Newsletter May

May 2018 Newsletter – Lots of Information!

Arts and Crafts Festival and Portfolio Viewing, Tuesday, May 15th!

  • 6:00 PM Nursery Classes  7:00 PM Pre K Classes

We are excited for our 6th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival and Portfolio Viewing

If you have children in both classes, please feel free to choose which time to come.

The children have worked hard on their creative projects.  Projects will be displayed on the walls, table tops and in an individual Portfolio.  Each child may not have every project that his or her classmates created.  They may have been absent that day or chose not to participate in the activity.  We hope you enjoy the format we have for this evening.

Outdoor Play

With the nicer weather, come spring and summer shoes.  We ask that you send your child to school with closed toe shoes, sneakers or secure sandals with socks.  Please no flip flops/crocks!  The children love to run and climb on the playground and have difficulty with the wood chips when wearing open toed shoes or loose shoes.

Children’s Book Week

Children’s Book Week is the week of April 30th – May 6th.  Attached you will find a Book Week Log.  This is an optional activity.  If you and your child would like to participate, please complete the log and send it back in to school with their name on it.  All logs that are returned will be placed into a raffle to win a Scholastic Book Pack.

Pre K Lively Letters

New sounds that will be introduced are Y, Short E, C, Review

Miss Kim/Miss Patti/Mama Steph

Miss Patti from Funtastics will be here on Friday, May 4th for the afternoon classes.  Miss Kim will do Yoga with the children on Monday morning, May 14th.  Mama Steph will be here in the afternoon of May 11th.

Class Picnics

Each class is going to have a class picnic.  Please pack a peanut/tree nut free lunch in a disposable bag with a disposable drink (please no Thermos, water bottle, utensils).  Please also have your child wear comfortable sneakers or shoes for running and playing, a hat, sunscreen and bug spray.  All picnics will be held on Owl’s Crossing Property.

  • Thursday, May 24th, AM and PM Nursery, PM Pre K
  • Friday, May 25th, AM Pre K, PM Pre K/Enrichment, 3 Day AM Nursery, Little Explorers

Celebrating Spring with Butterflies

We will be watching our caterpillars each day to see when they turn to butterflies.  When we finally get some nice weather, we will send them out into the world!

Special End of the Year Events!

Pre K Classes – Jungle Jim’s Superhero Training!

“Jungle Jim” will be here with an interactive “Superhero Training Adventure” for the Pre K Classes on Wednesday, May 30th at 12:30 PM.  We would like to invite all of the Pre K children to join us for Lunch Bunch at 11:30 AM.  Please provide a peanut/tree nut free lunch in a disposable bag along with a disposable drink (please no Thermos, water bottle or utensils).  If your child is in the AM Pre K class, please have them stay for lunch and the event.  The event should be over by 1:30.  They can be picked up at this time.  If your child is in the PM Pre K or PM Pre K/Enrichment class, please have them arrive at 11:30 AM and enjoy lunch with the other Pre K classes.   PM classes will remain at school until the end of the school day (PM Pre K/Enrichment, 3:00 PM and PM Pre K 3:30 PM).

Nursery Classes – Barn Babies Visit

Barn Babies Farm is coming to Owl’s Crossing and setting up a Farm Atmosphere with baby goats, pigs, chicks and other baby farm animals.  This is a hands-on program that we would like to offer all Nursery classes to participate.  They will be here on Tuesday, May 29th from 9:30–10:30 AM.  The children who are in school on this day will participate from 9:30-10:00 AM.  From 10:00-10:30 AM we would like to invite children from the PM Nursery, 3:00 PM Nursery and Little Explorers Class to come and hop in the pen with the animals!  We were unable to book the program for two days and hope that the time works for the off day children!  Per Barn Babies capacity cap, no siblings please!

Pre K Closing Programs

The Pre K classes will be doing an end of the year puppet show.  Each Pre K student will receive a sock to decorate with their child.  They will come home with the Pre K children on Thursday, May 17th and Friday, May 18th and will need to be returned to school on Thursday, May 24th and Friday, May 25th so that we can practice our play!

Last Days of School

  • Enrichment and Little Explorers, Friday, June 8th
  • Lunch Bunch, Thursday, June 7th
  • 2 Day AM Nursery, June 12th
  • 2 Day PM Nursery, June 12th
  • 3 Day Nursery, June 11th
  • PM Pre K/Enrichment Closing Program, June 12th, children arrive at 1:00 PM, 1 PM show
  • AM Pre K Closing Program, June 13th, children arrive at 8:30 AM, 9 AM show
  • PM Pre K Closing Program, June 13th, children arrive at 12:30 PM, 1 PM show

Nursery Classes Only!

Mama Steph will be here on the last days of school for the Nursery Classes only.  We invite parents, caregivers, and siblings to join us for a sing along to start the summer!  On Friday, June 8th, Mama Steph will be here at 2:30 PM for Little Explorers.  On Monday, June 11th Mama Steph will be here at 9:30 AM.  On Tuesday, June 12th Mama Steph will be here at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM.  Please join us if you can!  Classes will end at their regular times of 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM.

Pre K Classes and 3 Day Nursery Class Only!

Norwell Author, Kim DiLoreto, will be visiting Owl’s Crossing on May 23rd to read her book, Back To School With Mac.  If you would like Kim to sign and personalize a copy for your child, please fill out the attached book order form.

Owl’s Crossing Summer Programs

Registration for our Summer Programs has begun.  We will have programs in June, July and the beginning of August.  For detailed information, please visit our website at  Registration forms are available in the office.  Limited space available.  Rainforest Reptiles will be coming during Session 1!  Paul’s Pony Rides will be coming during Session 2!  All American Dan the Ice Cream Man will be coming during Session 7!

Hoot of the Month

Why did the farmer plant a seed in his pond?

He was trying to grow a WATERmelon!!!

 Quote of the Month

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my mother”….Abraham Lincoln

 An Owl’s Crossing Favorite song:

Pretty Little Flower

(sung to Itsy Bitsy Spider)

Pretty little flower, smiling at the sun.
Down comes the rain, now she looks so glum.
Back comes the sun and dries up all the rain.
And the pretty little flower, is smiling once again!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of our Special Moms!

Judy and Suzanne and the Owl’s Crossing Staff