Newsletter May

May 2022 Newsletter

A visit from Scituate Police Department

Tuesday, May 3rd and Wednesday, May 4th

Officer O’Brien and Officer Cuilla will come for a visit to all classes!

Crazy Hair Day

Monday, May 9th and Tuesday, May 10th

Crazy Hat Day and Crazy Sock Day were so fun, we figured we would continue the fun and have a “Crazy Hair Day”!

Teddy Bear Picnic

Thursday, May 12th and Friday, May 13th

Bring your favorite Teddy Bear to school.  We will provide a special “beary” yummy snack.

Yoga with Miss Kim for the Nursery Classes

Monday, May 16th and Tuesday, May 17th

10th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival and Portfolio Viewing

The children have been working hard creating beautiful works of art for our 10th Annual Arts and Crafts Festival and Portfolio Viewing on Tuesday, May 17th and Wednesday, May 18th.  See schedule for your child’s class.  If you have more than one child at OCP, feel free to choose one scheduled time for your family.

Tuesday, May 17th Wednesday, May 18th

Mrs. Svensen’s, Mrs. Delaney’s A.M Nursery


Mrs. M, Mrs. Delaney’s A.M. PreK


Mrs. Magill’s A.M. Nursery


Mrs. M P.M. PreK


Mrs. Magill’s P.M. Nursery


Mrs. Helle’s, Mrs. Delaney’s P.M. PreK


Mrs. Herschfield’s, Mrs. Svensen’s A.M. Nursery

Nursery Bubble Day and PreK Sidewalk Chalk Challenge

Monday, May 23rd and Tuesday, May 24th

Letter Days

Letter recognition will include Vv, Ww, and Xx.

We’re Planting Today!

Thursday, May 26th and Friday, May 27th

All classes will be planting flowers in our raised flower bed on the playground.  We will all learn how to water and care for our flowers!

Memorial Day

Owl’s Crossing Preschool will be closed on Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day.

Outdoor Play

With the nice weather, come spring and summer shoes.  We ask that you send your child to school with closed toe shoes, sneakers, or secure sandals with socks.  Please no flip flops, slides, or crocks!  The children love to run and climb on the playground and have difficulty with the woodchips when wearing open toed shoes or loose shoes.

Quote of the Month

“If There Ever Comes a Day We Can’t Be Together…
…keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”…Winnie the Pooh, A.A. Milne

Hoot of the Month

What is Mama Cat’s favorite color?


An Owl’s Crossing Favorite song:

You Are My Mommy

(Sung to the tune of You Are My Sunshine)

You are my mommy, my special mommy

You make me happy every day

I hope you know mom how much I love you

So please have a special day today!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Special Moms and Grandmoms!

Judy and Suzanne and the Owl’s Crossing Staff