Our Staff

2018 Owl’s Crossing Staff

AM Nursery 1


Mrs. Herschfield, Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. Adams 

3 Day Nursery

Mrs. Herschfield and Mrs. Adams

PM Pre K/Enrichment

Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. Helle

PM Pre K

Mrs. Fennelly and Mrs. Fougere

Little Explorers

Mrs. Fougere and Mrs. Chisholm

Monday Extended Day

Mrs. Fougere

PM Nursery

Mrs. Dmohowski and Mrs. Magill

AM Nursery 2

Mrs. Fougere and Mrs. Magill 

AM Pre K

Mrs. Fougere and Mrs. Carroll

Staff Listing

Judy Carroll, Owner/Co-Director/Educator

Suzanne Fennelly, Owner/Co-Director/Educator

Jen Adams, Educator

Jeanine Chisholm, Educator

Jamie Delaney, Educator

Janet Dmohowski, Educator

Deb Fougere, Educator

Meghan Helle, Educator

Tina Herschfield, Educator

Kim Magill, Educator