Drop Off Procedure

Owl’s Crossing Preschool Drop off Procedure

For your convenience, we are offering a queuing drop off procedure in the circular driveway of the church. The school is located at 660 Country Way in Scituate, MA.  There is an additional parking lot across Country Way from the school.  To facilitate a seamless drop off and to keep our neighbors and the town happy the following rules must apply:

  • Please enter the parking lot across the street from the church at the Mann Lot Road entrance of the lot
  • Proceed to the front of the parking lot in a single file queue
  • Once there is room to enter the church driveway, you may proceed across the street into the church driveway
  • All vehicles must enter the driveway to the right of the church, if you are facing the church
  • Please enter and drive all the way to the “Drop Off Cone”
  • Once you have reached the “Drop Off Cone”, Judy or Suzanne will unbuckle your child and escort them to the door of the classroom where they will meet their teacher
  • Once your child has departed the car, please continue out of the driveway so that the next car may move to the “Drop Off Cone”
  • Please make sure you queue from the parking lot and not block traffic on Country Way
  • You may always park across the street and walk your child across through the crosswalk
  • Please make sure your child’s hand is held to ensure safety

Owl’s Crossing Preschool Pick Up Procedure

  • You and your child will be assigned a laminated shape
  • The shape will be necklace style for your child and is to be kept in their backpack
  • You will also have the same necklace style shape for your rear view mirror
  • Please keep your shape visible for Judy and Suzanne so that dismissal can be facilitated in a timely manner
  • Please queue the same way as during drop off by entering the parking lot across the street at the Mann Lot Road entrance
  • Once you are in the queue and you are pulled up to the “Pick Up Cone” in the church driveway, your child will be brought to your car
  • We will place your child in his or her car seat and then you will move your car up to the “Buckling Cone” located on the far side of the church driveway
  • Please move to the “Buckling Cone” and buckle your child in before departing the driveway
  • You may always park across the street and come in to school to dismiss your child


We hope this procedure will be as efficient as possible and that you find it helpful, especially during inclement weather!  We need to make sure that Country Way remains clear of traffic so that we may continue to offer this service.  We appreciate you following the correct procedure!